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Our Cats
Adoptable rescues currently residing at Camp Many Paws or fostered by one of our volunteers.

Our Cats

Below you will see our current rescued cats for adoption, currently housed with one of our volunteers also known as foster homes. Because we are a TNR Cat Rescue Operation, all cats are spayed or neutered and have their appropriate shots. We take great pains to provide the medical care and love that these kitties need and because of the time, money and love that we put into our rescues, we have very strict adoption guidelines. All our cats have their own unique personality and while most are friendly, some might not get along with other cats or have certain quirks that make them as unique as people. Please feel free to ask about any cat, or to schedule an appointment for a 'meet and greet' with our furry friends.

Why Adopt A Cat?

As if adopting a furry, huggable creature wasn't enough of a reason! Adopting a cat has numerous psychological benefits as it is proven individuals who have pets are more stable, well-adjusted and liked by others. People who adopt pets are more responsible and have better self-esteem because of the knowledge that they are helping an animal that depends on them. In return for the love and care that our cats so desperately need, they provide you with unconditional love and affection. Also, because most our cats have been in foster care, they have been house-trained and have had their shots as well as being spayed and neutered - what a bargain!
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