Helpful Cat Tips

It is a common myths that all cats are aloof and indisposed all the time. Cats like any other animal are prone to moods and behaviors that, if one is careful and attentive can be discerned as easily as a smile or a frown on a human. The social structure of a cat colony makes this an important part of owning or even befriending a cat.

Cat Tail Speak

Cats use their tail to express themselves much like humans do their hands and legs! Pay close attention to your feline friends, their emotions can be rather subtle, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be better able to understand the moods and emotions of your furry friends.


Facial Expressions



If a cat is laying on its side with its belly exposed, it usually means “I need my space.” If a cat you are socializing with displays any of these signs, please allow them time to calm down before you continue to interact with them.

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